Digital Events

During this pandemic phase we all have experienced how to keep us in contact and how it is possible to organize congresses and conferences virtually involving a massive audience from all over the world. In order to meet this new digital need we have become Partner of one of the most cutting-edge, specialized and growing digital reality, able to propose and integrate solutions and technological transformations of very high impact and involvement for any kind of on-line event. Many meeting rooms and congress areas are already well organized and equipped to host Digital and Hybrid events (events with both interactive live and virtual audience) in total safety. Some advantages in a digital event: no limit in terms of number of attendees from any geographical locations; talks of a wider speakers pool and possibility for attendees to interact with them to gather insights and details on topics of the conference; wider visibility for sponsors and exhibitors pre, during and post event, allowing the attendees to download and have useful material for unlimited time; chance to review the recorded conference and parallel break-out sessions at any time and from any station, thus maintaining a constant communication and change of information with all the stakeholders. Other important advantages are a cost saving and a positive environment impact: let’s think, for example, to a reduction of the air traffic, as many stakeholders join the conference virtually).